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..and how is your Gay-less day going? Enquiring minds want to know. For answers, I'm checking in with, an on-line gay-oriented newspaper.

Shockingly, head San Francisco Political Gay Guy Mark Leno is (gasp) actually working! BTW, may I add that Leno's hair is FABULOUS!

Mark Leno on Day Without a Gay


Today's is Day Without a Gay. Are you without? How very sad for you.

Anyway, SFist asked Mark Leno for his thoughts on Day/Gay, whether he will be taking the day off today. He tells us that while he's all kinds of proud of gays and stuff, he isn't taking the day off.

I am proud of our community’s peaceful grassroots response to the historically unprecedented and likely unconstitutional act of having our basic human right to marry the person we love taken away by a slim majority vote. The choice of whether to participate in Day Without a Gay is a deeply personal one. While the state budget crisis demands my full attention this week, I am confident that all of our collective efforts will continue to educate people as to the great danger of having anyone’s equal protection under the law undermined.