Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror know, the story that he can't actually produce the damn thing? Later today, the United States Supreme Court is going to take up the issue of President-Elect Obama's actual citizenship.

But according to, it is conservatives like my buddy Brian Sussman and others in talk radio who are engaged in a whispering campaign to deny Obama's legal right to ascend to the throne - er, Presidency.

"...The claim has reverberated in conservative media outlets, especially talk radio. According to Media Matters, conservative radio hosts Michael Savage, Brian Sussman, Lars Larson, Bob Grant, Jim Quinn, Rose Tennent and Mark Davis (who was guest-hosting for Rush Limbaugh) have all repeated the widely discredited claim.

"We're getting ready for the Communist takeover of America with a noncitizen at the helm - I love it," Savage said during an episode of his nationally syndicated radio show "Savage Nation."

"He won't even produce a birth certificate. Don't you love that?" he continued. "Something as basic as Obama's birth certificate now is an issue. I mean, if he's got nothing to hide, show it to me. Doesn't exist. It does not exist. They can't find it in the Hawaii government. It's never been produced. The one that was produced is a forgery."

Excuse me while I burst out laughing. Politico is actually quoting the most  phony, lying left-wing so-called Media fact-checkers in the country. Yup, the MSM is getting its information from Media Matters, funded by GEORGE SOROS.

So. It's settled. Nobody can ask any questions AT ALL about Obama's citizenship because Media Matters has said "the story was widely discredited."

Uh, No. Whatever Media Matters says, do the opposite, believe the reverse and run like hell before its minions attempt to slander you.