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The Mainstream Media is on the ropes, fighting for its very existance. Will The Chosen One reward his friends with a bail-out?

You can read about the death rattle for the Chicago Tribune here.

These certainly look like dark days for the newspaper industry generally. ABC's Michael Malone writes in 2006: 


It was just a year ago that I predicted -- to considerable consternation and censure from the press -- that most major newspapers would be dead or dying by the end of this decade. Apparently, I was being conservative.


As I look around California, for example, I see the San Francisco Chronicle turning into the Daily Worker for baby boomers, the Los Angeles Times selecting stories based on political considerations, and now, the only real newspaper of any size left, the Mercury News, apparently orphaned. Meanwhile, McClatchy's strategy appears to be that of snatching up small-town papers, the last redoubt of daily print journalism. But that is just buying time before Yahoo and Google start putting local Little League box scores online.


Ed. As a journalist with over 33 years experience, and one who has been laid-off by a company that can't manage its way out of a paper bag, it is depressing to see what is going on with the communications industry in America.

It is a different day, and a different era. But the outrageous bias and the funneling of news choices makes these changes and choices inevitable. The American public simply does not trust the media. And why should they? The media isn't trust-worthy with the truth.