Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

During the final days of the Saxby Chambliss race in Georgia, my group's political action committee, MAF Freedom PAC, went into the state to make a final stand for some balance in the upcoming Obamunist government. Chambliss was the person who could do that.

We had fought for other candidates during the election that believed in a strong security for the United States. When the election results rolled in, it was clear that America is in a heap of trouble. The man who wants to redistribute wealth, surrender in Iraq and who has voted consistently against the Second Amendment won the presidency, and he is surrounded by like-minded socialist-leaning senators and House members.

America had surrendered its personal rights and responsibilities in exchange for a false security blanket called Barack Hussein Obama. The only thing left for America to do was stop the radicals from having complete freedom to impose their agenda on America and the sheeple who gave them power.

Obama was not satisfied with the presidency and majorities in the House and Senate. He wanted the pure power to crush the minority, those who represent support for the military and foreign policies that have kept Americans safe on our homeland since Sept. 11, 2001.

Never mind Obama's psychobabble about including everybody and listening to his detractors. He wanted it all. He sent hundreds of his foot soldiers and 6,000 union activists into Georgia in an attempt to take out Chambliss, a champion of the military and the war against radical Muslim jihadists.

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We at Move America Forward are focused on supporting our troops and their missions. We knew we had to do what we could to keep Obama from quashing minority dissent. He and his cohorts wanted a filibuster-proof Senate. Imagine that for a minute. Sen. Harry Reid, the guy who said our troops had lost the war in Iraq, running wild with no restraint. The Democrats, led by Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have been dead wrong on national security, and Obama marched lock step with them.

I read an article by J.B. Williams that gives an important synopsis of what kind of damage Democrats drunken with power have done to our America.

"Americans overlooked the reality that most of what has gone wrong in America over the last 100 years went wrong while Democrats controlled Congress," he wrote. "The federal budget has only been balanced once in more than 60 years, during Clinton's second administration, while Republicans controlled both houses of Congress.

"Democrats Started Dismantling America in 1913," he wrote. "Under Democrat President Woodrow Wilson and a Democrat controlled House and Senate, two very important constitutional amendments passed that would mark the beginning of the end for America."

Williams states that those amendments to the Constitution, Amendment XVI and Amendment XVII, ,which allowed the government to impose taxes and took away states' rights when choosing U.S. senators, set the United States into a downward spiral.

His argument is sound and convincing. However, I cannot agree with his conclusion: "What Democrats started almost a hundred years ago in 1913 will be finished under Democrat (proletariat union) control beginning in 2009. America is in its final hour."

America is resilient. Yes, liberals have eaten away at our liberties, and they will continue to try to destroy America in their hunger for complete power. But our Founding Fathers set up the best political system known to man. Usually, the American people recognize that we need balance in power.

That is why it was so critical that Chambliss be re-elected. He is the balance. (We don't yet know whether failed radio talk-show host and washed up comedian Al Franken will literally steal the Senate seat from Norm Coleman in Minnesota.)

And there's reality, something that is setting in for The One, Obama. Even the Obama spokesparrot, the New York Times, has an article with the headline "Campaign Promises on Ending the War in Iraq Now Muted by Reality."

Most important are people like Georgia resident Jan Johnson, whose son Justin gave his life in Iraq more than four years ago. Johnson traveled with MAF Freedom PAC to tell her story and why it was so important to her and to her beloved country that Chambliss continue his leadership as a senator from the great state of Georgia.

Jan is a red-blooded American whose family has given its all to keep our country safe. After terrorists killed her son, her husband, Joe, went to Iraq in the Army to finish the job Justin started as a gunner on a Humvee. Jan and Joe's surviving son, Joshua, also went to fight with the Army in the war on terror.

Jan held down the fort at home and did what she could to help other military families. She is an extraordinary American, and she's one of the reasons America has hope. Jan helped Chambliss win re-election. She helped stop the liberal desecration of our country.

Jan stood with 56 million Americans who said no to Obamunism. That's quite an army of folks who stand for freedom from the tyranny of socialism, redistribution of wealth and the theft of those things that make America the best country ever to exist.