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In California, where Democrats are the ruling party, the class elite, the powerful and rich, you are given passes that other mere mortals, like Republicans, are not allowed.

Here is a case in point.

A terrible tradgy has taken place in Southern California where four young men clashed with three others, and when the fight was over, a young man was murdered.

Among the suspects: the son of the former Speaker of the California Assembly Fabian Nunez. in the article about this horrific situation, no where was it mentioned that Fabian Nunez is a Democrat.

You see, the media really is biased. No kidding. You can see it in the writing of Pauline Repard of the San Diego Union Tribune.

I'm glad they arrested the people involved in my son's murder,” his father, Fred Santos, said last night. “Who these people are, who their parents are, doesn't make the pain less or more. It changes nothing. Nothing can bring my son back.”

Police said Luis Santos and three other students, two from Mesa College and one from San Diego State University, left a party and were walking on 55th Street about 2 a.m. when four men confronted them. An argument broke out, then a fight. Santos was dead when officers arrived.

Fabian Nuñez, 41, has been appointed to the board of directors of Zenith National Insurance Corp., the company announced Monday. Also, Mercury Public Affairs, which runs public-policy campaigns, named Nuñez last week as legal counsel for its California operations.

If the situation were reversed, and a Republican former speaker's son was arrested on murder charges, the (R) would be splashed all over the pages of the local newspapers, with graphics pointing to a pattern of crimes among the children of Republican lawmakers. I'm just sayin', ya know?