Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

When the phone rang a few minutes ago, I didn't suspect it would bring news that I am urgently needed in Georgia.

But I am throwing together a suitcase and pointing my big honkin' SUV to San Francisco International airport and jumping a jet to Atlanta. So what would cause this five-alarm response? Two words.

Saxby Chambliss.

My organization, Move America Forward, has an opportunity to make some news by endorsing Senator Chambliss through our political action committee. Joining me in a series of press conferences across the state are Joe and Jan Johnson, who lost their son Justin in the early days of fighting in Iraq. I wrote a book with Catherine Moy called "American Mourning" featuring their story, which stuns people who have read it. The Johnsons want us to finish our fight in Iraq, and when it is over, bring our troops home in honor. Now they are lending their voices to Senator Chambliss, because he has been by their side many times, and understands the situation and the consequences of premature pull-out.

Stay posted for times and dates in Georgia, and if you live close by, come by and meet us. Also, go to and help us support the candidates who support our military men and women, and their families.


Joe Johnson and his wife Jan, parents of Justin Jo... Joe Johnson and his wife Jan, parents of Justin Johnson, are seen at their home in Rome, Ga. in a Feb. 1, 2006 photo. (AP Photo/ Rome News Tribune, Ken Caruthers)
4:28 p.m. ET, 3/17/06
Ken Caruthers / AP file