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Thousands of homosexuals turning out across the country demanding "equal rights" and protesting California's Proposition 8 supporting marriage between one man and one woman.

While it was mostly peaceful, the anger was palpable in many cities, especially San Francisco.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, there was a scattering of darker signs calling for payback against those who backed Prop. 8.

"Abort the Mormons," read one sign, referring to the fact that church members provided as much as half the money for Prop. 8. "Stop the H8," read another.

Blacklists, bigots and bullies are the concerns of many people, including conservatives who might be supportive of gay marriage. But from the way many activists are behaving, they are doing themselves no favors.

And that is why folks are keeping a close eye on this movement, to see where it goes and who is targeted. Mormons. Christians. Jews. And Straights.

A loose coalition of organizations comprised of gay and pissed is promising, well, armeggedon.

In fact, they are protesting TWO elections in which Californians sided with traditional marriage.Protests are one thing, but the no on Proposition 8 people are crossing the line, intimidating people, forcing folks out of jobs, attacking others, and threatening to burn churches. Sounds like something right out of the KKK handbook.

So many conservatives are now going to monitor for civil rights violations, which may ultimately end up in court. A new website has been created called to monitor incidents of violence, and keep track of injuries and threats.

I know that many in the gay community disagree with the tactics of the thugs, but more need to stand-up against the jack-boots. The roiling hatred is NOT the way to win elections. And it IS the way to energy the conservative base for 2010.

shame.jpg (San Rafael, Ca. taken from my iPhone)