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If you are suffering from withdrawal as the Presidential silly season ends, then focus on the California Governor's race.

It has all the intrigue, back-stabbing, political infighting and narcissism of national politics, beginning with Senator Dianne Feinstein's nearly inevitable entry into the race. She's the 800 lb. gorilla that other candidates are skeered of - (sorry for that image!)

Who else is interested, (besides AG Jerry Brown, LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner and my dog Riley?)

Well, it appears that EBay's Meg Whitman is getting the buzz from the MSM. is sizing up the situation.

Whitman's early steps

Whitman has hired Steve Schmidt, who ran Schwarzenegger's 2006 re-election campaign and McCain's presidential effort, as a political strategist and is attempting to buy back a number of Web addresses, including and

The Atherton resident also gave $200,000 to the "Yes on Prop. 11" campaign, a redistricting measure on last week's ballot that is dear to the hearts of California Republicans. It holds a slim lead with 2.1 million votes still uncounted.


Steve Schmidt, former political operative for GWB, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and John McCain.

Steve Schmdit, Palin trash talking rumor monger?

Or not.