Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

I was going to write a piece about honoring the United States Marines on the Corps 233rd birthday, but so many others are more powerfully eloquent than I.

My dear friend Kyle-Anne Shiver emails me this note that I want to share.

We just spent $5 billion on a political campaign and I don't recall hearing a word about our American troops still fighting in our name for the very liberties we just now celebrated at our ballot boxes.

What a disgrace our media has become!  Glorifying the mundane and the frivolous to the exclusion of the substantial.

In the words of Forrest Gump:  "Stupid is as stupid does."

Does our media know its new name?  IDIOCRACY.

Please visit American Thinker today to read my column on our troops, who are still serving in the war zones, and how we can tell them we appreciate them, we thank them and we LOVE them.  Because of them, I live and breathe free this day.  And so do you.

"American Troops Still in Harm's Way?  Oh yeah.  Them."

Oh, and if you speak your mind today, thank an American soldier.  If you visit your Church or Synagogue today, thank an American soldier.  If you buy an uncensored book today, thank an American soldier.  If you buy a gun for protection today, thank an American soldier.  If you argue with state authorities over their incompetence today, thank an American soldier.

I'm sure we can all think of a thousand other things this very day for which to thank our American Armed Forces.

Their voluntary service keeps us the Home of the Brave and the Land of the Free!

Kyle-Anne Shiver

Last night, I attended the homecoming of 140 of America's finest - US Marines returning home from Iraq. They were greeted by hundreds of residents, many who drove long distances to get to the Alameda Marine Training Center to welcome these guys and gals home.

Hundreds of Patriot Guard Riders, with their pipes rumbling, accompanied the troops from Camp Pendleton to Alameda. Dozens of police and firefighters brought their trucks and sirens to overpasses along the way.

I expect this in other parts of the country. But not California. This warms my heart to know that people are awakening to the freedom they have due to the sacrifice of our soldiers.

I'll be posting photos from this amazing event throughout the visit the Photo Gallery to see what's online now.

While you are waiting for these picture (and I know you are!) check out Ron Winter's column on birthday wishes for the USMC, of which he knows a little something. He is a Vietnam veteran who proudly served in the Marine Corps.