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Here is some news that is bound to piss off the Liberals. A new Rasmussen poll shows that an overwhelming majority of Republicans want Sarah Palin as their presidential nominee in 2012.

Meanwhile, Governor Palin has returned to Alaska, and has lashed back at the twits who are trashing her from the McCain campaign, anonymously, of course.

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin called her critics cowards and jerks Friday for deriding her anonymously and insisted she never asked for the expensive wardrobe purchased for her use on the presidential campaign.

"I never asked for anything more than a Diet Dr. Pepper once in a while," Palin said as she returned to the governor's office from her two-month odyssey as the GOP vice presidential nominee. She said the Republican National Committee paid for the tens of thousands of dollars in designer clothes and accessories.

"Those are the RNC's clothes. They're not my clothes. I never forced anybody to buy anything," she said