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Some members of the activist Gay community are calling for the boycott of Utah, after the defeat of Proposition 8 here in California banning marriage between he-he's and she-she's, a big no-no.

Why Utah? Because that is where the Mormon Church is located.

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah's growing tourism industry and the star-studded Sundance Film Festival are being targeted for a boycott by bloggers, gay rights activists and others seeking to punish the Mormon church for its aggressive promotion of California's ban on gay marriage.

It could be a heavy price to pay. Tourism brings in $6 billion a year to Utah, with world-class skiing, a spectacular red rock country and the film festival founded by Robert Redford, among other popular tourist draws.

"At a fundamental level, the Utah Mormons crossed the line on this one," said gay rights activist John Aravosis, an influential blogger in Washington, D.C.

"They just took marriage away from 20,000 couples and made their children bastards," he said. "You don't do that and get away with it.

Supporters of same-sex marriage rally in San Francisco on Friday, Nov. 7, 2008. Demonstrators marched through the city protesting the passage of Proposition 8, a ballot measure amending California’s constitution to ban same-sex marriage. From right to left are Marissa Rea, Rachel Frankel, Ashley Anderson and Jordan Bacon. (AP Photo/Noah Berger)

This is a such a scream. The gays are going to boycott the Sundance Film Festival?!

That's right, because Robert Redford is such a conservative. Um-hmm.

 It seems to me that the activist crowd ought to be singling out the real culprits. The African-American community. Blacks are the ones who voted overwhelmingly  in California to approve Prop. 8.

Yet...I don't see the gays marching in front of Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco, or down in Watts.

Oh, one more thing. There are no conservatives calling the children of homosexuals bastards. None. Period.