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The second-guessing, finger- pulling, er, pointing has begun ...and the right-bloggers are going at it full-tilt. That is a good thing. We need to GET IT RIGHT this time, and get back on our game.

No whining allowed.

Let's begin, okay? Okay. 

Jon Fleischman of the Flash Report who correctly susses out that our leadership (John Boehner, GOP House Minority Leader) has made critical tactical and strategic mistakes.

Here are four reasons why Boehner needs to go.  


1)  He participated in the outrageous bail out of wall street.  As our leader that is UNACCEPTABLE.  Like, REALLY unacceptable.  REALLY REALLY unacceptable.

2) You can be a conservative, and still be ineffective.  For example, Boehner doesn’t carry earmarks.  But lacks the gravitas as leader get his colleagues to do the same.  Boehner is the “nice guy” that everyone likes because he basically tells everything, “This is what I think we should do, but do what you want.”  We need a leader who is willing to be more aggressive, and use both the carrot and the stick.

3) In reality, we have in place in our conference all of the same folks that overspent under Hastert.  Everything was transitioned, intact, to Boehner.  Hastert’s Whips are Boehner’s.  Hastert’s Committee Chairs are Boehner’s ranking members.  My favorite “poster child” example is that one of the most shameful supporters and authors of egregious earmarks, Jerry Lewis, is STILL the ranking Republican on the Appropriations Committee.  So we have to explain why he, and all of the others who were in charge when we had the majority, should be plugged right back into Chairmanships.  A change in leader would mean a whole new group of folks coming into these spots – or at least a lot of them.

4) Finally, there is a very important public and symbolic gesture taking place when a party that is losing on policy and political battles CHANGES its Team Captain.  It is a visible and easy to communicate change – it says, “We are doing things differently than we have.” Boehner’s re-election is tantamount to electing a “loyal opposition” leader – as opposed to making a change to someone else who can symbolize a GOP that wants to regain the majority.