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As they say in show business - that's a wrap.

First Pennsylvania, and now Ohio. It is over for the McCain campaign

I'll be away from my website for a bit, googling various underground bunkers. (Just kidding.)

Americans are going to be in for big surprises when President Obama begins a reign of retribution against his political foes. (I better keep my tax attorney Steve Moskowitz very very close.)

I am going to spend the rest of the evening keeping a close eye on several other GOP elections, like Steve Stivers, an Iraq war veteran in Ohio, Marilyn Musgrave in Colorado and William Russell in Pennsylanvia. Bill Russell is running against the Fat Bastard Jack Murtha.

Meanwhile, Mark Tapscott just closed out his blog for the Washington Examiner.  Tapscott's Copy Desk. 

I'll leave you this evening with two hijacked lines from my blogger friends.

"...Celebrate democracy, and especially what it implies: opposition,
defiance, resistance. Tomorrow we begin."
Josh Trevino.

"...Obama will become what Bush was to the Democrats." Anonymous


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