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Some random thoughts on what the pundits call a historic day.

-Don't vote. Yeah, you read it right. Don't cast a ballot if you are ignorant of the issues or the candidates. Please, it just screws things up for the rest of us who are aware and have done our homework.

-Here in San Francisco, the Board of Stupidvisors is looking into creating a task force for making the city's own voting machines. My guess is that the liberal lefties want to make it easier to steal votes in The City.

They had to work too hard in 2004.

Speaking SF politics, the residents here are going to be voting today to name a sewage plant after George W. Bush.

I may be going out on a limb here with a prediction, but I think it is going to pass. Handily.

-Who is going to play the election fraud card first? The Dem's or the Rep's? Hard to tell. Both sides will have a case by the end of the day, that is for sure.


-The Black Panthers are intimidating voters in Philly...police called...Michelle Malkin wonders if this is what Obama means by a "civilian security force."  Fox News has an update.

-Our military is getting screwed again. Thousands of ballots won't be counted.

-My pal James Robbins at NRO has a piece up now on what to look for as the results come in. Great read.

-Hillary is breaking the rules. Hillary who?

-Obama thanks his biggest supporters today. The press.

-Do you recall journalists ever excitedly proclaiming long lines at the polls when those lined up to vote are evangelicals? 

-I'll be adding to my random thoughts as the day progress. Right now I am going to take a shower, think about foreign countries that have a reasonably conservative government and tropical tempertures, and then go vote. I'll be back later.

Update! My ballot has been cast.

Here in Marin County, California where there is high density of looney leftists, the turn-out seems to be rather shallow. I just returned from my polling station and there were only 3 actual voters.

Early voting could account for that, but I expected hordes of granola crunchers to be in the streets, waving down fellow travelers …

 BTW, I think that if Obama wins, we should be seriously considering the possibility that early voting is responsible. The long lines for early voters creates a narrative for the liberal media to insist on record turn-out for the Democrats. That is meant to intimidate and discourage the GOP voters.That is my story and I’m sticking to it.