Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

300 fired up western Pennsylvanians turned out today to support Bill Russell for Congress. These folks are united in their admiration for the Iraq war vet and their loathing for Congressman Jack Murtha, who has gone into hiding these past few days,announcing his schedule only two hours before a campaign appearance.

The boisterous Russell campaign accepted the endorsement of Move America Forward PAC, Vets for Freedom, pro-life groups, and the NRA.

You know, the bitter clingers who love God and guns!

Pictured below is Sean Bryan, (at the podium) who flew in from Georgia to help Bill Russell in his campaign against Jack Murtha. Sean is a Marine. He was stationed in Haditha. He was one of the Marines who were slandered by Congressman Jack Murtha, whom he calls "Fat Bastard."

Sean doesn't like the Congressman. Hmm, I wonder why?