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Did you see this on the front page of the LA Times? How about New York Times? Well the Times and the rest of the MSM don’t have Time for ANY story that disses their man, Barack Obama.

Wendy Button, a speechwriter for John “the John” Edwards, Bill “the John” Clinton, and Barack ‘The One” Obama, just couldn’t take it anymore. So she skipped out on the Democrats and will now vote for Sen. John McCain.

NewsBusters has the story and all of the juicy details. Here are a couple of paragraphs.

“Imagine if a speechwriter for John McCain had switched sides and announced she was going to vote for Barack Obama. Would she not be featured big time in the mainstream media complete with new thrills running up Chris Matthews leg?  Well, this did happen except that it was an Obama speechwriter, Wendy Button, who became disillusioned with The One and switched to supporting McCain. Here are the highlights of Wendy Button's explanation of why she made the switch:

‘Since I started writing speeches more than ten years ago, I have always believed in the Democratic Party. Not anymore. Not after the election of 2008. This transformation has been swift and complete and since I’m a woman writing in the election of 2008, “very emotional.’"

Button goes on to explain that the Democratic Party has conducted itself like a gaggle of sexists (my words not hers) by the way it treated Hillary Clinton and continues to go after Gov. Sarah Palin.

You really have to read NewsBusters and get the lowdown on the thin-skinned Obama and his sexist, destructive campaign. (And now you know why the MSM hasn’t divulged this!!!