Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Bookworm, the famous but anonymous blogger, has the Sunday night round-up of the latest campaign controversy.

First, there's a 2001 audiotape of a public radio interview Obama did complaining that it was a "tragedy" that the Warren Court did not overturn the Constitution by allowing wealth redistribution, but assuring a caller that it can still be done legislatively.     

Second, there's increasing pressure on the LA Times to release a videotape it's boasted of having during which Obama attended a fundraiser for radical Palestinians -- a fundraiser that Ayers and Dohrn attended.  In this regard, I'll note that people in America are entitled to support radical Palestinians and fellow-travelers, so long as they're not active terrorists. 

However, it would seem to me, naïve though I am, that Americans also have a right to know that their Presidential candidate is consorting with these people.

UPDATE: Bookworm has thoughtfully provided a list of advertisers to whom you may feel free to contact to pressure the LAT to do the right thing - RELEASE THE VIDEOTAPE!

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