Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror



 I am writing you tonight to tell you about the most insulting and appalling thing I have ever seen from a Democrat party official.  Just the day before yesterday, Ray Buckley, the Chairman of the State of New Hampshire Democrat Party, told our spokesperson Debbie Lee that she was being “USED” by a campaign and derided her son Marc’s service and sacrifice for this nation as just some “thing” that everyone has lost or sacrificed because of the war on terror.  Today, you will see a story coming out of the NH paper Union-Leader ( that has statement by Buckley denying that he said anything like that and basically calling Debbie Lee a LIAR!   Here is the whole story. MAF Freedom PAC was in New Hampshire with Debbie Lee, Gold Star Mother of Marc Alan Lee who was the first U.S. Navy Seal killed in Iraq to endorsing Jeb Bradley and Jennifer Horn for U.S. House of Representatives. There was a debate scheduled between Jeb Bradley and Carol Shea-Porter, the incumbent, so we went to observe.

In the first minute of the debate, Jeb mentioned Debbie Lee and another Gold Star Mom, Natalie Healey, and thanked them both for the sacrifice their sons (both U.S. Navy SEALS) made for this country.

Later in the debate the moderator asked Jeb a question about constituent relations and Jeb talked about how he makes himself accessible to his constituents, taking time to speak with people like Natalie Healy, Gold Star mom and honoring the troops.

Natalie Healey has made repeated phone calls and left messages to Carol Shea-Porter but has never received a call back. Ignoring this, Carol Shea-Porter’s shameless response to that same question was that she had “got back to” Nat Healey -- which was a bold faced LIE.

Natalie and Debbie were both amazed and appalled that’s Carol Shea-Porter would lie during a debate in front of high school kids and on television saying that she contacted a Gold star mom when in fact she had not.

At the conclusion of the debate, Debbie and Natalie Healey approached Carol Shea-Porter to confront her.
 “I told Carol Shea Porter that our sons had given up their TOMORROWS so that she could have her TODAY and asked why she couldn’t take ten minutes out of her day to return a phone call.“ says Debbie Lee.
At that point a man in the crowd came up questioned her, demanding proof that Shea-Porter had just lied, and Debbie simply pointed to Natalie and said “She’s the proof”.
 The man said he was a Vietnam Vet and that he had friends who were POWs and MIAs and Debbie put her hand on his arm to show compassion for his loss and said, "I'm sorry". Debbie also said that he himself would be deserving of at least a response from a Congresswoman’s office if he requested it. He said “we’ve all lost things” in this war, referring to Iraq. But he said it so very condescendingly she was absolutely appalled that he would refer to Marc as a ‘thing’ to be ‘lost’.

She told him, “That’s my son, not a THING” and he responded flippantly “You’re just being used by the campaign” referring to Jeb Bradley’s people.

Debbie found out later on that the man who verbally attacked her was actually Ray Buckley who is the Chairman of the State of New Hampshire Democrat Party. She was just devastated to find out that someone of such a high office in the Democrat Party would just ATTACK a Gold Star mom and mock the sacrifice her son made the way Ray Buckley did. He was so condescending and abrasive with his remarks and his demeanor toward her that we feel it cannot be ignored.
 Buckley should be ashamed of himself and resign his position!

Folks, this is exactly WHY MAF Freedom PAC has been traveling across the country to endorse only the best pro-troops candidates fighting against the most disappointingly SOFT-ON-TERROR opponents we could find in all of America. Carol Shea-Porter insulted our troops when she would not vote to fund them and their mission in Iraq, she insulted all our troops and our military families when she REFUSED to return just a little phone call from Natalie Healey, and she tarnished the honor of all military families when she declared herself a part of the community of military families and also LIED about supporting those families JUST MINUTES LATER!

This morning, at a press conference at the state capitol, we condemned Buckley’s conduct, demanded an apology, and asked that he step down as leader of the Democrat Party in New Hampshire, so that a more respectful individual could fill that post. We are also trying to organize people around the country who are angry at this action to write to the local paper, the Manchester Union Leader, in support of Debbie Lee and her son Marc against Ray Buckley