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After all the discouraging news about the McCain campaign and the RNC getting out-spent 4 to 1 turns out NOT to be true.

The Republicans are way ahead.

Oct. 24 (Bloomberg) -- The Republican National Committee and its party nominee, John McCain, headed into the final three weeks of the presidential campaign with $8 million more to spend than Democratic nominee Barack Obama and his party.

The RNC had $59.2 million in the bank as of Oct. 15, while McCain had just over $25 million left to spend out of his $84.1 million public grant.

Obama had $65.8 million cash on hand after spending $105.6 million between Oct. 1 and Oct. 15. The Democratic National Committee had $11 million in the bank.

The Federal Election Commission filings serve as the last glimpse of how the parties and candidates are handling their money before the Nov. 4 election.