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Millions of us are on bended knee giving thanks for the glorious news that Congressman John "Jack" Murtha is getting his ass soundly kicked in the polls right now.

He is being thrashed by a solid conservative running a grassroots, Internet-driven campaign, according to Michelle Malkin, who is breaking the story based on new data she has received.

A Pennsylvania source has just leaked me brand spanking new poll data showing GOP upstart Bill Russell leading John Murtha among over 800 probable voters by 48-35.

This comes on top of the Susquehanna poll showing Murtha ahead of Russell by 4 points, within the margin of error.

The new poll is from Dane and Associates, which surveyed over 800 probable voters, randomly selected to reflect the district makeup, on Wednesday night.

Murtha, you may remember, called our US Marines "cold blooded killers" before they were tried on allegations of a killing rampage in Iraq. Charges that were completely manufactured. Shall we re-visit a confrontation with Crazy Jack and Young America's Foundation leader Jason Mattera? I promise you'll love this video.