Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror
I have a blog and I know how to use it.  But I also have a Political Action Committee (PAC) and I can use that too! I decided to get off of my couch and into a coach seat on Frontier airlines, jetting off to Colorado and Ohio to help some Republicans who have strong national security credentials and who haven’t wavered in their support for our military. They received Move America Forward's PAC endorsement in these closely contested elections. Debbie Lee, a Gold Star Mom who lost her son in the very beginning of the Iraq war, joined me.


I learned a lot of things barn-storming across the country.


You know, Californians and Ohioans don’t really have a lot in common. Things are kinda different. For instance, parking in California is hard work.

Berlin, Ohio isn’t particularly difficult.


MAFPAC has endorsed Marilyn Musgrave in Colorado, a state that is turning purple after being reliably red. Congresswoman Musgrave is from Greeley, Co. and is a terrific patriot who supports our troops and their mission. She even cooks her renowned chicken enchiladas in her Congressional office for soldiers who are shipping out to Iraq.

Her opponent-- not so much.Betsey Markey says on her website some very nasty things on this subject. “It is my position that the Democrats and Republicans in Congress must stand up to the President and must deny to him the ability to further harm our nation with her reckless continuance of a failed policy. We can effect this by limiting funding to only those costs necessary to ensure the safe withdrawal of our brave troops and to their care and support once they are back home.”

In other words, Ms. Markey doesn’t seem to understand that we have already won the war in Iraq and she wants to snatch that victory away from the honorable men and women in the military who fought for it.

Marilyn Musgrave has never wavered from fully funding our troops, supporting them against the retreat and defeat crowd, and she never will. Why? Because she has a son in Iraq, a son-in-law in Afghanistan, and a daughter-in-law in the Navy. Mrs. Musgrave is invested in their success, and the security of our country, of Iraq and the entire Middle East. The same is true for Ken Schaffer, who is running against Mark Udall for the U.S. Senate. Udall’s idea of national security is forming a Department of Peace. If the stakes weren’t so serious, this would be really funny. Ken Schaffer also has children who are serving overseas in the military. Ken is a good man and a fine candidate. I hope he wins.

I also found out while I was in Ohio that the DCCC and Team Obama are out-spending the NRCC and John McCain 4 to 1. If you use the Internet in Ohio, every single website has a glowing advertisement of The Chosen One that moves and flips and does everything except sign your name on a voter registration card.

Kirk Schuring, who is running to replace retiring Republican Congressman Ralph Regula, is up against John Boccieri, a Democrat who is a Major in the Air Force Reserves.

The DCCC is spending $2 million dollars on attack ads against Kirk, and that kind of onslaught over the airwaves is pretty tough to fight. Democrats are doing this all across the country, in every contested race.

They have money to burn. The GOP does not.

Oh, about John Boccieri. He has accepted the endorsement of, a far-left organization that uses Iraq war veterans to undermine the soldiers who are still fighting in Iraq and their mission.

That is why Move America Forward PAC decided to get involved and help Kirk Schuring, who understands that Iraq is the central front on the War on Terror. John Boccieri sees only the death toll and cost and says “there is no end in sight.”  Kirk Shuring is committed to giving our military men and women the tools they need to fight terror, as well as the benefits they deserve when they get home. MAFPAC is moving across the country, and handing out our endorsement in races in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire. We are not going to let the anti-war, SurrenderCrats go unanswered in this election. This is our last chance, and we have to give it our best shot. I fear the consequences of a Democrat Presidency, Democrat Congress, and a Democrat Senate.


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