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Joe the Plumber was the real winner of the 3rd presidential debate. On a neighborhood street where Obama came to call, Joe saw the democratic nominee and wanted to simply ask him a direct question about Obama's tax plan. In less than five minutes, this neighborhood man was able to smoke out Obama on his socialistic, "share the wealth" tax scheme, and Joe did not like it much at all...and tried to tell Obama so. That's when Obama revealed the true underlying purpose of his "share" or redistribute the wealth.

By extension, and as a result of this man's direct questioning, McCain and all Americans became winners.

But, because Joe the Plumber, a regular every-day Amereican playing catch with his child on a middle class American street, trying to earn a living for his family, was honest about the impact of the Obama plans from his perspective, and because he did not drink the Obama kool-aid, the MSM, the DNC, and the Obama campaign now consider that hard working, well spoken, young man as the enemy.

Just as Patrick Henry indicated, and that truth still holds today...if we will hold the course, God in Heaven will raise up friends to help fight these battles.

Sarah Palin is one such, out of obscurity, Joe the Plumber is another.

All thanks for this goes, IMHO, to a merciful God in Heaven! and millions of hard working, partiotic, loyal Americans who will not give up...two of which, Joe and Sarah, have been brought forth before us all to express these sentiments.

The truth is that the left, the Obama campaign, the DNC, and the MSM will lie, fabricate, misquote, commit fruad, beg, borrow, or steal in their effort to slow down what is happening on the ground with the McCain campaign right now, and particularly with the likes of Joe and especially Sarah Palin who is burrowing underneath all of their hype and drawing 25-30,000 people at a time to her rallies and getting the message of hope and conservative values out.

Obama and his ilk know it, they fear it, and they will do anything they can to stop it...but they shall also fail in the attempt. In fact it already is backfiring as Americans all over the country take up Joe's cause.

Truth has a way of shining all the brighter in darkness.

...and so the NOBAMA movement spreads. In addition to the huge crowds Sarah Palin is drawing all across the nation, we see other evidence of it everywhere.

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In case you missed this week's issue of the Army Times here are the results of the Army Times' poll of Military personnel re the election (in percent):
                                      McCain          Obama
Overall                                68                23
Army                                   68                23
Navy                                   69                24
Air Force                              67                24
Marines                                75                18
Retirees                               72                20
White Non-Hispanic                76                17
Hispanic                               63                27
Black/African-American           12                79
Enlisted                                67                24
Officers                                70                22
Somehow I missed seeing this in the New York Times