Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

It was an absolutely gorgeous day in Colorado springs today, a little bit chilly but the sky was clear and the sun was out warming up the crowd at the VFW Post 4051 where MAF PAC and Bob Schaffer held our joint press conference to award Schaffer our official endorsement of his run for US Senate.

It was great to have all the local vets out here to see Bob, Melanie and Debbie speak and share their stories. Melanie and Debbie were excited to talk about why we think Bob Schaffer is the right man to represent Colorado.


We set up right in front of the VFW and a bunch of the supporters went up behind speakers and held signs to support Bob Schaffer. Melanie started the press conference and introduced herself, giving a little more background on what exactly MAF Freedom PAC is. Basically MAF Freedom PAC is the political arm of Move America Forward, a charitable non-profit that supports the troops, primarily through care packages and support for military families. If the MAF charity supports the troops with cookies and coffee, MAF PAC supports them through political ads and elections.

Melanie attacked Mark Udall on his flip flopping, he at once supported the war then he was against it, he was against the surge then, after it was “enormously successful”, he “said he wasn’t surprised it worked.” said Melanie Morgan. “Well guess what, there are a lot of folks here in America who weren’t surprised that it worked, we knew it was working WHEN it was working!” which elicited many cheers from the crowd.

Melanie also attacked Udall for co-sponsoring the Kucinich bill to siphon 8 billion away from the Defense Department to create a Department of Peace a cabinet level bureaucracy, the mission of which would be “the study of conditions that are conducive to both domestic and international peace.” Said Morgan. “Maybe he was smoking a doobie, if he thinks that a terrorist is going to negotiate with the Department of Peace.”