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The Mainstream Media are writing stories about how this election is over (don't bother to vote, because it won't make any difference since Obama has already won) and how the ugly "R" word is coloring our perception of the Chosen One.

Yes, folks, we are a racist country, and if Obama loses this election it is because we don't trust a half-black man. I am really pissed off by this MSM line, which is being repeated by some political writers whom I generally like and mostly respect. For instance, Joe Garofoli at the San Francisco Chronicle.

"...the current attacks, analysts say, are embedded in "coded" language. They cite as examples Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin portraying Obama as a cultural outsider and friend to terrorists and the dismissive way his Republican opponent, Sen. John McCain, referred to Obama at their Tuesday night debate as "that one."

Other recent attacks include the unsubstantiated allegation on Fox News' "Hannity's America" Sunday that Obama's community organizing work in Chicago was "training for a radical overthrow of the government." The incendiary allegations - as well as the anti-Semitic background of the source of the allegation, commentator Andy Martin - went unchallenged and undisclosed by the host, conservative commentator Sean Hannity. Fox said that the program is the host's opinion, even though the allegation was presented as a documentary. Obama did not respond to Hannity's request for comment.

Martin wrote on his blog that "I am not a 'reporter' assembling facts for a morning newspaper. I am an analyst and expert opinion columnist. I take 'facts' that may or may not make sense in isolation, and I analyze them until patterns emerge and conclusions are apparent."


These political writers don't seem to have a clue about the deep suspicion we hold towards Barack Obama, not because he is black, but because he is LIBERAL. He's RADICAL. And he is completely STUPID about the economy.

Well, what do you expect from tax-payer funded "journalists" anyway?

The racist meme is being spread by partisan politicans like Harry Reid...the Senator should be ashamed of himself.

But despite the crap, this election is still virtually tied. That's not my opinion, that is what the national pollster John Zogby says.

The presidential race is still too close to call and could come down to the very last weekend before voters decide if they like or distrust Barack Obama, a national pollster predicts.

“I don’t think Obama has closed the deal yet,” pollster John Zogby told the Herald yesterday.

Zogby’s latest poll, released yesterday in conjunction with C-Span and Reuters, shows Obama and John McCain in a statistical dead heat, with the Illinois Democrat up 48-45 percent.