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The Media has already decided that the debate tonight is over, and Joe Biden won.

Truly.  Chuck Todd at The Politico says we might as well not bother to vote.

The bar for Governor Palin has been set so high, that it will be impossible for punditland to accept that she is indeed capable and will win tonight.

But just in case, Tom Del Beccaro, editor of Political Vanguard, has some excellent advice here.

I am very excited for the debate; I can't wait for the shock and horror to set in with Democrats when "Mr. Gaffe" Biden loses. And he will. He might come across as more experienced, but he will lose with his condescending air, his fake smile, and his unctous demeanor.

Mark Tapscott, Editorial writer for the DCExaminer, agrees with me. I love it when that happens.

"...with the notable exceptions of the Gibson and Couric interviews and four questions at the UN, she's been kept out of the media since her dazzling GOP convention speech. That has encouraged the Kommentariat to believe their own press releases claiming that she's really a light weight who will be completely out of her league on tonight's stage.

Some of the saner heads in the Obama high command had second thoughts about this strategy earlier this week, so we've seen a spate of stories from their media allies noting how well Palin did in her numerous debates while running for governor in 2006. But those are too late because the Obama Corps in the Mainstream Media has effectively set the narrative with Palin as the impossibly shallow outsider. That is a narrative they will regret."

As for the issue of Sarah's experience, J.R. Dunn at The American Thinker handles that one nicely. Read the whole thing.

"...Palin has gained her experience where it counts. Not in the Ivy League, not at the think tanks, not in the Senate. But down in the trenches, where life is for real, and the work gets done because it must be done. There is no more common figure in American history than the "unprepared" backwoods politician who steps forward in the midst of crisis. From Lincoln through Truman, there is no end of them, at all levels of the political sphere. Palin may be the next in that long and impressive line. Or she may serve a quiet term or two as a ceremonial vice-president before returning home to hunt moose and raise grandchildren. She will unquestionably be tempted, and who can blame her?

But she may turn out to be very different. To be exactly what the GOP rank and file believe her to be: a woman who will go on to make fools out of all the doubters and questioners and agonizers. One thing for certain: she has no end of experience in that."


I am joining Marin County Republicans this evening for a debate/rally at McCain headquarters. Then I have to race home to write a column about it for WorldNetDaily. This is going to be a long day, but a fun one for political junkies like myself.

Remember folks. Despite the latest Rasmussen polling showing Obama ahead, this election is still a jump ball. The numbers are volatile and the results will depend on the election cycle. The Democrats have a strong ground game, but in the end they still have Barack Obama. The most liberal, left-wing politican in American history.

There are four weeks until election day, an eternity in politics.

Have fun tonight! I know I will.

Sarah Palin