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Keith Thompson, author of the critically acclaimed book Leaving the Left: Moments in the News That Made Me Ashamed to Be a Liberal, is making available three preferred-seating tickets to a fundraising brunch featuring GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. The price of each ticket is $2,500, with funds going directly to McCain-Palin Victory California (not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes). Your contribution includes not only the opportunity to hear Gov. Palin in person and enjoy a sumptuous meal with McCain-Palin supporters — you’ll also get a McCain 2008 lapel pin, along with preferred seating with author Keith Thompson near the front of the room. And your very own autographed copy of Leaving the Left (Thompson’s compelling account of leaving liberalism and becoming a common-sense conservative). Because this is Sarah Palin’s only Bay Area appearance prior to the election, the event is likely to sell out. All three tickets are available to a single buyer or to separate individuals. Act now, the brunch with Gov. Palin is only a few days away! Contact Keith Thompson by email at
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