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Astonishingly, the most powerful woman in the world, could not bring her own caucus to stitch together a Wall Street bail-out deal they could vote for...House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, drawn and defeated, failed due to her compulsive need to inject every vote with partisan hatred of Republicans and this administration. 

No wonder her approval rating hovers around 9 percent.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

"...But in the end Pelosi could not pass the bill with her own party's votes.

The Congressional Black Caucus, whose new leader is Oakland's Barbara Lee, joined conservative free-market Republicans in the revolt. Lee said she was voting against the bill because it did nothing to create jobs.

GOP leaders, one of whom waved Pelosi's speech, blamed her for pushing over the edge 12 wavering Republicans. "We put everything we had into getting the votes to get there today," Boehner said. "But the Speaker had to give a partisan voice that poisoned our conference; caused a number of members, who we thought we could get, to go south."