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Okay, you have already formed your own opinion on the debates by now, or will shortly, so I might as well throw in my take (since it is my website!)

Random Thoughts:

-McCain wins debate, but just barely, by defying expectations with an energetic appearance, cogent arguments, and the ability to attack Obama and unnerve him, especially on the issue of on-the-job training, and calling Obama's world view dangerous. 

-Obama did well by showing up, and giving the liberal line. He hit hard on Iraq and the economy. Listening on the radio, however, Obama stuttered on occasion, and it was annoying.

-The political prism remains the same for both right and left, and I don't think the debates changed the 'swing' voters much.

-My teenage son thought Obama came across as very friendly because he addressed McCain as "John" while McCain seemed formal and "old" because he called Obama "Senator." I thought Obama seemed disrespectful ..and vice versa for McCain.

-T. Boone Pickens is a genius. The first TV spot out of the debates he urged people to continue the debates at his website. What a way to drive traffic!

-Finally, the debate was actually much more interesting than I thought it was going to be. The next debate between Governor Palin and Senator Biden will be far more intriguing, I think, than this one.

I am off to Anaheim, California tomorrow to attend the state Republican party convention, where I am going to speak on a panel and deliver a speech for the California Federation of Republican women. Later in the evening, I have been invited to attend a reception with Mitt Romney.

I'll share the gossip when I get back. See you Sunday!