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I want to share a very amusing story with you from last night where I was invited to attend a San Francisco “salon” of 20 High Tech CEO’s and Venture Capitalists at the home of Peter Thiel, the founder of PayPal and on the board of Facebook, along with eight other political types who were invited to speak (including me.) 


There were some Dem operatives there like Donnie Fowler (former DNC Chairman Don Fowler’s son) and Chris LeHane …you've heard of LeHane, former consultant to Bill and Hillary Clinton, ran the campaign to save California Governor Gray Davis from the Recall effort (unsuccessfully, I might add) and a host of other well-known clients.


Two things of interest: Fowler and the other Dem’s asserted that Presidential race is coming down to “race” …all about race. I insisted that it was the democrats making it all about race, and not the rest of the country. Fowler responded that we know it’s about “race” because Rush Limbaugh is making it about “race”. I responded that Limbaugh is talking about it “race” because OBAMA and the DEM’s were playing the race card.  


Fowler just grinned.

Item Two: LeHane admitted that the Internet generated attacks and smears on Sarah Palin may not have been the smartest move in the world. He called it a “Billion Dollar Bitterfest Backfire by the Left.”He also said “it’s like the guy who calls a woman for a date, calls her stupid, un-educated, and unattractive- then says ‘wanna go out’?