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From the "Not Holding My Breath" department.

This morning on the Today Show, Schumer agreed with Senator DeMint that any politician who broke the law and helped cause this financial crisis should go to jail.

Including a politician who is at the center of IndyMac's collapse? "whoever. you bet."


VIEIRA: finally a question to both of you, yes or no, fbi investigating these financial institutions right now to determine whether there's any criminal behavior. do you think that people should go to jail for this massive failure, senator demint, can i start with you?

SEN. DEMINT: well, if they've broken the law, see that. i think that includes politicians who presided over this mess and caused the problem. i agree we have a problem but the way to fix it is not more government.

VIEIRA: senator schumer.

SEN. SCHUMER: yes, they certain -- if they broke the law they certainly should go to jail.

VIEIRA: including politicians.

SEN. SCHUMER: whoever. you bet.

Still on the subject of the financial melt-down and the rescue package working its way through Congress, Mike Kremparsky of Strategy One  has some new polling available, a regular survey of Beltway elites or opinion makers.

They just got one back on the bailout and very interesting stuff in here. .


Of note:


"In the survey, 67% of beltway Republicans supported the administration's bailout plan and 33% opposed.  Beltway Democrats were split, with 47% supporting and 53% opposing.  However, support for the bailout plan eroded between Monday night and Tuesday night, as Democratic support dropped from 61% to 40% and Republican support dropped from 73% to 63%."