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It's not funny anymore. The dirty tricks by the netroots - the crackpots with keyboards - has risen to a level I have not personally witnessed in years.

Now Governor Palin's personal email account has been hacked, and some contents disseminated.

I thought liberals were all about their privacy rights. Oh excuse me, I must have misunderstood. They want their privacy protected, but they don't give a rats rear-end about conservative Republicans.

I've seen a lot of this kind of response to the illegal act that took place by a group or person identifying themselves as Anonymous (clever, huh?)

"...Obviously, hacking into private e-mails is a crime and wrong.... but kudos anonymous for trying to get some truth out of someone whose been hiding illegal things and getting around subpoenas for the emails ..."


Michelle Malkin has the latest on Palin Derangement Syndrome.

Is this why John McCain doesn't use email?