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Okay, I am seriously annoyed with my former employer ABC News. Executive Producers, Associate Producers, Line Producers, Operations Managers - whomever made the decision to cut up the Sarah Palin interview into chunks and air her comments piece-meal are out for ratings, and not edification on her worldview nor her policy positions.

I admit I do not watch mainstream television anymore, so that's part of the problem. And it is why I don't have any comment on part 273 of Charlie Gibson's interview with the Governor.

Thank Goodness, though, Lori Byrd at Wizbang has done the heavy lifting for us.

In my opinion, the biggest news to come out of it is that Charlie Gibson did not apologize to Sarah Palin for misquoting her "exact words" in the first part of the interview, and even worse did not apologize to his viewers for giving them incorrect information and misleading them to believe that Palin was a nutty Christian bent on Holy War. He did not issue a correction when he had the perfect opportunity. The huge mistake he made was in the first day of interviewing. He has since had a chance to realize his mistake, since many have pointed it out. He had an interview with Palin the following day, and an hour of network television, with more to come on Nightline tonight so he had the perfect opening to set the record straight. For all the fact checking Gibson and ABC did of Palin (probably more than they have done of Obama the past two years), he didn't think to check his own facts and then when he realized they were wrong, did nothing to correct the information for his viewers. No wonder people trust used car salesmen more than journalists these days. At least the people I know do. If you are not yet aware of the "exact words" Gibson misquoted, there is a great post containing transcript and video at Dartblog.