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ABC News Blows It

My fears for Sarah Palin in the hands of Charlie Gibson were realized. While I have yet to view World News Tonight, Michelle Malkin and others have. I watched a clip of Gibson trying to play 'gotcha' over the Bush Doctrine, in which Governor Palin appeared to hesitate. Governor Palin answered the question correctly. But this condescending attitude is going to backfire. reports that Gibson relied on the Associated Press. Um, that would be The Fake But Accurate news service.

UPDATE II: says Palin holds her own.


While the East Coast is seeing Palin shortly, those of us here in the Western states still have to wait a few more hours to watch Charlie Gibson interview Governor Palin in Alaska.

But ABC News is touting its exclusive here.

As you watch the Charlie Gibson interview, keep this in mind. Charlie Gibson is a liberal.

And some "facts" on the ABC website about Sarah Palin are wrong, including an allegation that she fired a librarian in Wasilla because she wouldn't pull out some books that Palin wanted censored.

That story has been de-bunked numerous times.

More on the interview when it comes across my airwaves.