Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror
Today - September 11, 2008 - marks the 7-year anniversary of the most horrific attack by terrorists against the United States.  Please take a moment to stop and think about where you were when you first heard of these awful attacks taking place against our nation, and the thousands of lives lost on that fateful day. We made a declaration as a nation:  "never again."  We swore we would not forget, and that we would not allow apathy to set in.  It seems that so many Americans have forgotten what took place that day, and the on-going war that is being waged by radical Islamists against the West.

My friend Joe is writing to you this morning from Dearborn, Michigan where he  traveled with a colleague to host a special screening of the movie, "Obsession: Radical Islams War Against the West."  (More information on this special 9/11 event can be found - HERE).  

He's  holding the screening in Dearborn, MI because the city is commonly referred to as the Muslim capital of America.  Law enforcement authorities have arrested scores of local residents for engaging in activities that support jihadists who wish to kill Americans and hurt our nation.  You can see the results of a Google search for "Dearborn" and "terrorism" to see what he means - CLICK HERE.  Some people in the media have asked if he is concerned about offending the sensibilites of some Muslims by holding this screening in Dearborn.  His response to them has been this:  why on earth should we apologize for asking ALL Americans to stand united in denouncing the tactics of terror, tyranny and violence in order to advance a perverted form of any religion?

The passengers aboard Flight 93 fought back against radical Islam on this day 7-years ago, and we must not ask anything less of the American people in continuing that fight until that threat has been defeated.


Please stand in solidarity with Americans today in Dearborn, MI today and everyone who turns out at this special screening of "Obsession" as we declare that we will never forget and that we will never be silenced. If you run a blog or website, please post a link to our website: