Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

A left-wing organization that I have tangled with publicly in the past has identified its newest target: Track Palin. 

That’s right, a 19-year old private who happens to be the son of Republican Governor Sarah Palin is now being used as a pawn in their quest to gain power and undermine the war in Iraq. 

This effort is being led by Jon Soltz, who runs a 501c3, called  Soltz is demanding that the Department of Defense investigate a so-called leak of Track Palin’s deployment details to Iraq. The hidden agenda is to investigate Sarah Palin for 'leaking' deployment details. has circulated a petition demanding to know who gave these details to the media.

“When someone chooses to bolster that story by leaking classified details to the media, it allows the enemy to gain valuable information that allows them to strike at a symbolic target of importance – and all the troops around that target.  It’s dangerous, it’s illegal, and it needs to be investigated” says Soltz.“Whoever is divulging this information to the media should be prosecuted and punished, if found guilty.  Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, Independent, or of another party, we should all agree that we cannot accept anyone feeding classified details to the press.  Join us in demanding the Pentagon investigate.”

While this sounds patriotic, and indeed commendable, I can assure you that and Jon Soltz are only out to score political points against the Palin family and Republicans in general. It is not a crime, nor a misstep, to announce a soldiers department for the war theater. All troops are held in Kuwait for an indefinite period of time, and deployed to various FOB's according to their orders. That information is not become public.

In 2006 VoteVets  targeted vulnerable Republicans like Sen. George Allen in their quest to hand control of Congress over to the Democrats. One of the front men for VoteVets is Gen. Paul D. Eaton, a savage partisan attack dog who was tapped by the anti-war movement to help lead the campaign that eventually forced out Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. VoteVets used Eaton in a push to pressure members of Congress to sell out to the Islamic terrorists and cut the funding for our troops and their missions in Iraq.

In an appearance on the liberal "Real Time with Bill Maher" show reveals Eaton's white-hot, deranged hatred for the Republican Party and his great willingness to serve as a partisan hack for the Democrat Party.

Watch his appearance – and pay note to these two particular clips: And with the arrival of a Democratic controlled Congress, thank God, on 7 November, we've got a chance to unsort and to figure out how to get out from under this. … (3 minutes, 17 seconds into the clip)

So many military believe that Republican administrations are good for the military. That is rarely the case, and we, uh, have got to get a message through to every soldier, every family member, every friend of soldier, that the Republican Party, the Republican-dominated Congress, has absolutely been the worst thing that has happened to the United States Army and the United States Marine Corps. (4 minutes, 22 seconds into the clip)

The co-founder of VoteVets, Jon Soltz, identified the group as a "pro-military" organization, saying, "We don't support anybody who doesn't support the military."

And who does Jon Soltz point to as a stellar pro-military leader?

It was Nancy Pelosi.

Soltz goes on to say, "We want to win this war, that's why we're here."

So. My question is: Which war is it that Soltz says they want to win? obviously favors losing in Iraq. They favor losing to Iran as well.

It turns out that VoteVets, led by Soltz, co-founded the website with former Democrat presidential candidate Wesley Clark.

Watch the video incriminating Soltz. Plainly speaking, this network of liberal Democrat activists are trying to gain more power for the Democrat Party, and they are willing to undercut America, our troops and their missions, just so they can score political points against the Republican Party.

And they are willing to use Track Palin as a prop in the power play against his mother, her running mate, and our country.