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Update! Real Clear Politics has McCain pulling ahead overall. Fantastic news, due undoubtedly to Sarah Palin's popularity.

It's just one poll, but we'll take 'em when we get 'em.


“In the new poll, taken Friday through Sunday, McCain leads Obama by 54%-44% among those seen as most likely to vote. The survey of 1,022 adults, including 959 registered voters, has a margin of error of +/— 3 points for both samples.”

My pal Rob (N.Z. Bear) observes that its too bad USA Today led the story by reporting the 4 point lead among registered voters in the second paragraph. News of the 10 point lead among likely doesn't appear until the eighth. But media bias aside, googly-moogly.

Rob says another blogger pal "Ace" just tipped him to the new McCain slogan:

That's right, Trig is a Fake Pregnancy Changeling Baby.
What are you gonna do about it, punk?!

Now that's the sort of confident straight-talking leadership we need!

The blowback for all the faux scandals is hitting big time.