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A photo of Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama and his Code Pink bundler, terrorist supporter Jodie Evans, has finally surfaced. Ironically, it most likely was released by Code Pink.

You remember CodePink? They are responsible for harassing and assaulting the Marine Corps recruiting office in Berkeley, as well as sending over $600,000 to the families of the terrorists who murdered our troops in Fallujah.

Medea Benjamin and Jodi Evans, co-founders, have also disrupted the RNC convention, and were booed by the delegates.

The photo is included in a video report by WCCO-4 in Minnesota about Evans and her Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin infiltrating the Republican National Convention the night of vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin's speech Wednesday night. 

The WCCO reporter, Esme Murphy, included the unsourced photo of Evans and Obama to illustrate Code Pink's claim that they go after both sides. Murphy describes the photo as a Code Pink member "interrupting Obama", yet the the photo shows nothing of the tension and hostility that Code Pink shows when confronting targets like John McCain or Nancy Pelosi.

Most likely, the photo was taken at one of the several fundraising events for Obama that Evans has either hosted or attended. The photo is seen in the 1:45 to 1:55 segment of the report as hosted at YouTube.

Here’s the backstory and my original reporting, alongwith Kristinn Taylor.   Updates will be at and