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Bias? What media bias? The TV heavy-weight (pun intended) who dominates the female demographic cried her eyelashes off when Obama delivered his powerful acceptance speech at the DNC in Denver.

But when Sarah Palin, the first female nominee for the GOP in history crashes the Nielson ratings with the highest numbers for ANY convention, EVER ...Oprah shrugs. Rolls her eyes. Professes objectivity. Yeah, right.

Drudge Report is in the cross-hairs over this story.

The TVZone has Five Reasons Why Her O'ness Should Interview Sarah Palin:

1.) To talk about motherhood, her family and Bristol; if you're really hung up on politics, O, then this doesn't have to be a "political" debriefing at all, per se, but a larger look at even more important issues, which your show claims to care about.

2.) It'd get a huge number. Hell yeah! Perhaps one of the biggest numbers in "O" history. This is a mercenary business, O, in case you've forgotten.

3.) It'd get the show back to that sweet spot of "relevance" and "news-worthiness." Wonderful to have all 150-or-so Olympians on Monday's season premiere, but the Olympics are old news; Palin is fresh news.

4.) Of course, it's O's right to support Obama in whatever forum she chooses, but she's simply too transcendent - her word - a cultural figure to pretend she's lil' ol' objective and non-political Oprah on her show, and yet Obama's most important supporter in the WORLD when she's not on screen. That's a silly artifice, transparent to all. Why not get Palin on and say, "OK, lady, I happen to think this guy walks on water. Now you tell me why he doesn't, and let's go at this." That would be great TV, and far better than a dreary debate between Palin and Joe Biden.

5.) O helped secure at least a million additional votes for Obama but probably lost hundreds of thousands of McCain supporter-viewers - if not more - to her show in the process. Here's her chance to say to everyone, "I have a right to support whomever I choose, and now to prove to you just how open-minded I am, here's the gun-toting mama from Alaska on the show."

Back on the campaign trail, the object of Miss O's affection, the Big O, seemed well, defensive. Ed Morrissey the race card was tossed on the table - again.

O+O = Zero.