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The applause for Sarah Palin is rolling through the dome in St. Paul, Minnesota as Senator Leiberman extols the McCain/Palin ticket. Fred Thompson is doing a superb job describing Mrs. Palin's experience and character.

But I am seriously disturbed by the viciousness leveled at the Governor, and her 17-year old daughter. It's a double standard, and it is sickening. 

Justin Hart, a right-blogger who has stayed on top of the Democrat slime machine, says it is no coincidence that US Weekly is firing away. 

This is an ugly front page smear:


Erick Erickson did a good job covering this:


Of course, this is the same magazine that lauded and praised the younger Spears daughter for her out-of-wedlock baby.


On the front page their running a poll asking readers if Palin should step down.




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Within the next week, Governor Sarah Palin will be defined forever in the eyes of the public, Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman of said. 

In a statement, Viguerie said:

“A critical rule in politics is: Define or be defined. Fairly or unfairly, Dan Quayle’s image was set within days of his selection as a candidate for vice president, and, forever after, the media sought out evidence that fit in with that pre-conceived image.  

“Liberal Democrats are working quickly to Quayle-ize her. They are downplaying her experience and expertise, and trying to define her as ‘just a little housewife from Alaska.’ And, with the help of their friends in the media, they will get away with it – if the Republicans let them.