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The Palin family was forced to respond to rumors about their beautiful baby boy Trig, who the fantatists on the Left were portraying was actually born to Bristol, Sarah's 17-year old daughter.

The scum wrote all sorts of vile lies, forcing Governor Palin to acknowledge that their teenage daughter is pregnant, will keep her baby, and marry the boyfriend.

Who would engage in such loathsome innuendo, allegation, and flat-out lying?

A Lot of people want the answer to that question.

ArcXIX is the Kos diarist who started all this stuff on the Palin family and the baby. ArcXIX has pushed the story that Sarah Palin's youngest child is really Bristol Palin's child.

If you go here, you will find a profile of a user at the website.

If you follow the Google Cache, that was oddly changed on August 31, 2008, you will notice that the user's AIM user ID is ArcXIX.

Is 24 year old Charles Hartley the diarist?

Is this the person who started all the trouble for the Palin family? And if so, is he connected to the Obama campaign? I think we should find out.


MSM is beginning to figure out that Palin is going to help, NOT hurt, the Republican party.