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Some of the the comments we are reading about Governor Palin are so hateful (Democrat Underground, Kos Kiddies, HuffPo and the rest of the gang on the left)  I choose not publish nor link to any of that trash.

The kooks with keyboards are a determined bunch, however.

Sick, but persistent.

But there is quite a bit of thoughtful reaction to report from conservatives and other Republicans, including this from Mark Tapscott, editorial page writer for the Washington Examiner.

...Here's my view:
The political class talks about "change we can believe in" with an Obama who in actual fact offers nothing different but the rhetoric - his substance is more government, more taxes, more regulation.  Someone comes along like Palin who concretely challenges the status quo of more government and the political class is instantly desperate to discredit her because they know she is the real thing. There is a fundamental miscalculation in the conventional wisdom about "change" - people rejected the GOP because they stopped believing the party would deliver genuine change - i.e. less government, lower taxes, etc. The Democrats come in and make it clear they didn't learn anything during their exile and within less than two years have the most unpopular Congress in living memory. Obama, Biden and McCain are all creatures of Big Government Washington conventional wisdom, with differences only on the margins. Palin is the real rebel, the candidate who actually represents a new approach. Barring an Eagleton-type problem in her background, she will emerge from this campaign as a major leader of a new generation of conservative leadership.

My take is pretty close to Mark's....

The ferocity of the counter-attack on Governor Palin  in real time confirmed for me that Palin is challenging the status quo, and has become instantly iconic to the younger generation of conservatives sickened by the drift of the class of '94.

Of course, it is possible she is the 'right' Rorschach test –we see in her what we want to see. But as you point out, barring any background problems or an inability to enunciate conservative principles effectively, we win this election hands down.

Jim Geraghty at NRO weighs in on the Dem's gone wild - on tape !