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Goodness, the attacks on Sarah Palin's qualifications certainly didn't take long. Frightened Dem's hitting on her so-called lack of experience. Justin Hart has been compiling reaction.

...Here's Oliver Willis just now on Twitter:
"How many qualified and tested Republican women did McCain pass over for Sarah Palin? that's not change we can believe in."

(I replied: "Ha! How many qualified and tested women did Obama even vet!? Do you really want to head down this road? ")

Top of DailyKos right now:

"Don't tell me it's his "brave" choice because she's a woman -- the Republican Party has many women more qualified for the Vice Presidency. I don't agree with them on issues, but they'd be more qualified. This choice is indeed akin to choosing Quayle -- it smacks of choosing someone because they won't get in the way, or because all the other potential candidates were too personally threatening. It's just a bad choice, period."


"One more thing: this was a bit of a F-U pick, a personal, totally idiosyncratic, gut-level, aggressive piece of opportunism. Yes he can! And yes, it does underline his maverick, out-of-the-box brand. It makes me like his empathy for gutsy young women, even former beauty queens (is there footage of her contest out there?). But it also makes me less comfortable with the idea of him as commander in chief. It seems a less steady choice than Biden."

A GOP senate staffer has the perfect reply....

Just my two cents:

-Dems are focusing in on "heartbeat away" "inexperienced" "no foreign policy cred" "shows desperation" and "the next Quayle"

-As always, our best counterpunch is with the facts: "executive experience" "courageous leadership" "fought corruption in her own party" and "proven record"

Palin is no lightwieght, she has a real record that can standup to scrutiny. While Obama made friends with Rezko, Ayers and Wright, Palin was rooting out corruption and blowing the whistle on her own Party. While Biden and Obama are waist deep in earmarks and taxpayer handouts to family and friends, Palin refused the Bridge to nowhere and is helping to end earmarks in the porkiest of states.

McCain just doubled down on reform, authenticity, and love of country. Something that Obama-Biden can't hope to match.

And from my own anecdote file today:

...a Democrat businesswoman who was going to be interviewed on Air America on a non-related political topic tells me that the lefty liberal network producers are telling her that the Republicans just won the election with the Palin choice. It's nice to hear the lib's are running scared.

One more, just one more from Erick Erickson at because I can't resist - too funny.

..Governor Palin has had to balanced a family budget, a city budget, and a state budget, while Obama has had Tony Rezko balance the budget for him.


Palin: runs a state.


Obama: runs his mouth.



I just made my first financial contribution to the Maverick. Sheesh. I never thought I would see the day where my money landed in Senator McCain's campaign account. On the website, it asks who referred you. I responded: Sarah Palin!

 Sarah Palin dazzles.

(*Govenor Palin is the one behind the gun.)

Governor Palin supports our troops. Her son is deploying to Iraq on September 11th.