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While the elite media are declaring Hillary's speech last night like, the best EVER, the Washington Post is reporting a story that the blogs broke a few days ago (and reported right here.) 

Obama voted for a number of earmarks pushed by Joe Biden's lobbyist son.

Now that's change you can believe in!

On the subject of Hillary's speech ...despite what the media was just awful.

There were 17 various versions of the pronoun I.

 As usual, it was all about the Clintons, and it took 20 minutes for her to attempt to articulate a rationale for voting for Obama, other than he's, well, a Democrat. Also, it was interesting to note her flat affect. She had difficulty in the area of unity or Obama's readiness to become the next Commander-in-Chief.

On the plus side, Hillary's pantsuit looked FABULOUS. And Chelsea was styled quite well, too. Good job, gals.