Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Re-Create '68, a group dedicated to anarchy and counter-protesting, seems to have fizzled, not sizzled in Denver, at least so far.

But there are some interesting moments taking place in the Mile High City, including the chumps who attacked a Fox News reporter. Now that is really showing Da Man, huh?

Meanwhile, our pro-troops, pro-military friends showed up, including Move America Forward's own Debbie Lee, Merilee Carlson from Families United, and Vets for Freedom.

Re-Create '68 is the give peace a chance crowd other words, the folks who will beat the crap out of anyone disagrees with their philosophy, whatever the hell it is at the moment. 

And they are bringing that pathetic Cindy Sheehan out of mothballs to drum up some media interest. Personally, I like the peace warrior with the mohawk hair-cut. Kinda says it all.

Pass the doobie, dude.