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The polls are confirming my initial reaction to (yawn) Joe Biden as the choice of the Chosen One on the democrat ticket. He's simply laughable with all the gaffes in his past, not to mention the fun the GOP will have with his plagiarized speech from former British PM Neill Kinnock.

The Gallup poll shows that Obama's choice is well, lackluster, to many rank and file dem's.

After 5 minutes research, the right side of the blogosphere started cranking out the drawbacks to Biden's candidacy... Erick Erickson at points out that the major media is negligent in reporting the (gasp) lobbyist connections of Joe Biden's son Hunter.

"...They don't think it is relevant to the campaign.


This is the same media that put Fred Thompson's son on the front page of the New York Times in July of last year, as well as mentioning Fred Jr.'s lobbying ties in the nightly newscasts."

But my friend N.Z.Bear says don't give up hope! Bloomberg news has the dish.

O'Biden. Change you cannot believe in.