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"When Pigs Fly" ...that's is how I described the potential for some pork barrel politicos to acknowledge the error of their way, and how it is harming the Republican party.

Mark Tapscott, an editorial writer for the Washington Examiner, sent out a "Flying Pig Alert" just this morning.

If I just missed this astonishing quote from Trent Lott and everybody else on this list has already seen it, just ignore me. If not, the rest of the story is here.

"But you know what, in my heart I knew he was right," he said of his pork barrel ways. That's no way to do business, we shouldn't be doing all that earmarking -- it got completely out of control. "It got out of control with Republicans and that's why we are being punished a little bit," he added. "Because we forgot how we got there, what we believed in, the principles that after 30 years put us in the majority, gave us the White House, the congress, the senate, the house. And then we ran out of ideas... "But that was an aberration, that's not who we really are."