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That is the question that I pose in my latest column for which you can read right here.

I have a couple of queries that deal with the issue of race, since everybody seems to be talking about it.

  1. You have not been clear on whether your skin color should influence people to vote for you, or if John McCain's skin color should turn people away. You have called the Democrats' 2008 run for the presidency "historic," and told folks that you look different than all of the other presidents on our currency. What exactly did you mean by that "look different" part? Were you referring to your skin color? (Hint: Be very careful here. So far, polls show that 90 percent plus of blacks will vote for you.)

  2. Because we are on the matter of race here, I wanted to give you a heads up about Sen. John McCain's family. Did you know that he and his wife adopted a little girl from Bangladesh and her skin is darker than yours? Mrs. McCain was visiting an orphanage with Mother Teresa when she first laid eyes on this beautiful child. With these facts in mind, will you publicly state that you know that McCain is not racist and his campaign does not use racist tactics?