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In the past week or so, I have heard from many Republicans, dispirited for months now over the chances of Senator McCain remotely coming close to winning the Presidential sweepstakes in November. These same folks are telling me they can feel some mojo coming back to the GOP, and are now feeling pretty frisky.

The reason? The Rep's are hearing from many Democrats that they are increasingly worried that Barack Obama might lose this election in a blow-out.

I believe the thinking goes like this..."racism is widespread in America and all those white people who say they support Obama in public and to pollsters will vote for the white guy in November."  That conversation actually took place at a San Francisco restaurant by four prominent Democrat attorney's. Conservations like that are anecdotal, but I am hearing it from many different sources.

Now, I don't think that is going to happen in large numbers. I am hoping that people recognize that Obama is way too LIBERAL for America, inexperienced, and has an elitist attitude. Plus he's going to raise taxes, and that scares the bejabbers out of a lot of people, not just Republicans.

But it is true that the mainstream Democrats are worried.

Very worried. has more here.