Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Is there no end to the lies put out by the left-wing media against its perceived political enemies? Never mind, that was a rhetorical question. Tuesday's newest attack has been launched by The Center for Media and Democracy, which has put out a piece called "Cracking the Pundit Code" aimed as discrediting my organization, my credibility and my efforts as Chairman of Move America Forward to report the truth on the ground in Iraq.

Here is the beginning of a web of clever deceits practiced by this organization.

"I know they are overloaded in theater," reads a June 2006 email from Pentagon pundit Thomas McInerney to Defense Department press secretary Eric Ruff. But "Melanie appears to be very determined to do this with or without DOD support so I think it is worthwhile to work with her." (See pages 44 and 45 of this document for the email.)

MAF Chair Melanie Morgan

Melanie in this case is Melanie Morgan, a conservative columnist, former San Francisco talk show host and the head of Move America Forward (MAF). MAF describes itself as a non-partisan pro-troop organization, but since its founding in 2004, it's been an enthusiastic cheerleader for the "war on terror" and other Bush administration policies.

*Note the designation of the denigrating term 'cheerleader' for the "war on terror" and other Bush administration policies. Any google check would show these miscreants that I am neither a 'cheerleader' for Bush policies (I have vociferously attacked Bush policies on any number of occasions) and I while I do support the WOT, I have not always agreed on how to prosecute it, and been outspoken in my criticism.

The following year, MAF wanted to return to Iraq, this time with people who had lost family members in the war. But it seems like the Pentagon wasn't too hot on the idea at first.

"Any help would be very much appreciated," Morgan emailed to McInerney, as recorded in the Pentagon pundit files. "In the attachment, you will find the letter of response to Centcom [U.S. Central Command] about our Gold Star Family member trip to Iraq."

It's not clear how Morgan knew McInerney had high-level Pentagon access -- an interesting question -- but he did his best to help. McInerney highly recommended MAF's proposed trip to the Pentagon's Ruff, writing that it "sounds like a good idea" and "would get very good play in the media and tell our story with these dedicated families of our deceased members." Ruff quickly responded that he would "check into it." A few months later, MAF's Gold Star families group was in Iraq.

*The writer of this article never contacted me to ask me the answer to her question --how did I know McInerney had high-level Pentagon access? The answer is I did not know he had insider contacts - but I certainly hoped as a retired General, McInerney still had a few friends to speak to about our trip, because that was the reason for my email. 

And a final note ...the salient aspect to this entirely manufactured controversy....the Pentagon never approved nor sanctioned Move America Forward's Gold Star Family trip to Iraq.

Surely, with all the dirt-digging the author of this article did, she would have discovered all the memos written by the Department of Defense media coordinator Allison Barber that refused any cooperation with MAF. Consequently, our organization entered Iraq through the north, with the permission of the Kurds, and no support at all from the Pentagon.

 The irony is that this attack on General McInerny for "helping" an organization with a so-called political agenda (not true, but let's assume it for the sake of argument) in supporting the WOT, but the General was unable or ineffective in actualizing a sanctioned trip for that purpose. So much for pundit propagandizing.

The lefties always want to have it both ways, but logic prevents it.

Oh. By the Way. If the Center for Media and Democracy really wanted to explore my relationship with General McInerney, all they had to do was pick up a copy of my book co-authored with Catherine Moy called "American Mourning."

General McInerny wrote the preface.

 "Cracking the Pundit Code" should be entitled "Kneecapping Conservatives Whom We Hate."