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It's no surprise to me, (I am a rabid consumer of the tabloids) but all those dopey Democrats who believed John Edwards when he denied the story of his affair with a campaign worker must feel pretty stupid today.

"The story is false, completely untrue and ridiculous" said Edwards two weeks ago, while denying he fathered a love child with Reille Hunter, who produced campaign videos for the former Democrat presidential contender.

It's not quite so ridiculous now, is it?

Edwards cheated on his dying wife.

Plain and simple. How low can a guy go? I called him a phony when he held his first news conference announcing his presidential aspirations, with all the crap about 'two Americas'. But I guess he was right on one sense - there are two Americas. One America believes in loyalty to family, responsibility, and keeping your pants zipped when your wife is battling cancer, and you are under the hot lights of a presidential campaign.

 John Edwards America does not.

If I were a betting woman (which I am not) I would lay down a few dollars on Daddy DNA belonging to Edwards. His elaborate story about the time frame doesn't ring true, and he hasn't taken a paternity test.

The National Enquirer broke this story last December, and no one in the mainstream media picked up on it.

Think about it - what if John Edwards had won the Democratic nomination, and 88 days from the general election, this story broke? That is why the political media is guilty of dereliction of duty. Of course, they were all in love with Oh-So-Pretty Johnny. The rumors were studiously ignored, and the country is once again being treated to a morally flawed politican.

 Edwards was correct in his self-assessment: he is an egotistical narcissist.

I feel very very sorry for his wife Elizabeth, and his three children.